HOWTO use Narro with Mozilla’s l10n process

If you are doing any localization here at Mozilla, and especially using Narro, please watch this brief screencast by armenzg.

As anyone who’s done localization knows, there’s a lot of gotchas to watch out for, and this is also true here at Mozilla. Over the years, armenzg has lived through a lot of these gotchas for his Armenian localization work, as well when he was helping Vannek, myself and the rest of the Khmer team working on the Khmer localization. After watching this screencast, I think armenzg did a great job of summarizing the steps to take to avoid the gotchas and get Firefox localization work done smoothly.

Those 15mins now will teach you lots and save you hours of frustrating debugging later. Trust me on this. Make some coffee, and watch it now. Of particular interest to me personally was ~12mins into the screencast, dealing with some gotchas about keyboard shortcut characters that tripped us up once when exporting Khmer fixes from Narro and committing to hg.m.o.

For more details and code samples about this screencast, see armenzg’s blog post. And if you found that useful, please also check out armenzg’s other posts about Narro:

How we use Narro to localize Firefox
How to exclude a file from being exported in Narro

Big thanks to armenzg for doing these blogposts – they are a great help!

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