Khmer team at MozCamp Singapore

At MozCamp Singapore, I was delighted to meet up with some of the Khmer localization team again. From left to right, here’s Vannak Eng, Sokhem Khoem, John O’Duinn, Sophea Sok, Mark West and Piseth Kheng. (Javier Sola was unable to make the trip at the last minute, so is sadly missing from the photo.)

They are very modest, great fun, and super sharp. As a sneak surprise, it was great to see them hack together a Khmer version of FirefoxOS during a quick hackfest arranged by Stas at MozCamp.

Since we last met at my workshop in Phnom Penh in Jan 2012, we officially released Khmer as part of the Firefox13.0 release and government policy now has Khmer Firefox being used in government departments in Cambodia! Great stuff.

If you want to find out more about the Khmer team, or want to join them in localizing, please look here: or

2 thoughts on “Khmer team at MozCamp Singapore

  1. Let’s not forget to mention hard work done by Behdad and Jonathan Kew, who worked hard to introduce Khmer script support into Firefox Android and Firefox OS as of v17 (with complete support in v19). Without the underlying work done by them into harfbuzz, localization would have been impossible.

    Thanks to the Khmer team too. Let’s hope one mobile operator over here will jump on this opportunity to offer cheap Khmer smartphones.