Otoro and Unagi builds now on tbpl.mozilla.org

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In case you missed it, Catlee has quietly enabled Otoro builds on mozilla-beta. This means that now:

  • per checkin, we generate a full oroto build. This otoro build is on the same changeset as the unagi build, the gecko-compiled-for-arm-with-b2g-enabled builds, and all the usual desktop Firefox and mobile Fennec builds that we already generate per checkin. Having these builds on tbpl helps narrow down build regressions. However, as these full otoro builds are ~164MB each, and we do a *lot* of builds per day, we do not plan on uploading these until we have tests to run against them. Of course, if you have a need for these, please let us know, and we’ll enable them, its an easy change.
  • every night, we generate and publish an oroto build, an unagi build, the gecko-compiled-for-arm-with-b2g-enabled builds, b2g desktop builds, on the same identical changeset. As usual, all the desktop Firefox and mobile Fennec builds are built on the one changeset.

These new otoro builds have already been quickly evaluated by RelEng and by QA, and as far as we can tell, they look fine to us. However, if you have an Otoro phone, and have access to the private share, you can help! Please grab one of these new Otoro builds, which you’ll find alongside the previous otoro builds, install it on your Otoro phone and give it a try. We’re expecting to transition everyone over to these builds in the coming days, so if you see anything which makes you think we should stop rollout, please file a bug and we’ll get right on it.

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  1. @Boot2Gecko
    29 Nov 2012 @ 17:13:12

    via @joduinn and team, two prototype phone builds are now in Mozilla’s continuous-integration system. http://t.co/6Sqzxzuw


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