Yoda does powerpoint

Concise. Accurate. Perfect. Just perfect.

(credits: Looks like graphjam.com is now part of cheezburger.com empire, which confused tracking down the original author. Digging around, I found a few versions of this on different sites going back through 2011. I *think* its originally from Nathan Yau on flowingdata.com, or Garr Reynolds, posted here but if you know anything about the original author, please let me know.)

2 thoughts on “Yoda does powerpoint

  1. i see this all the time, trying to get the “original authors” of memes.

    memes are not like books, or paintings, where they have one defined author, one defined “version”, to be “consumed”, as is, by all the others.

    memes are used in communication between people, morphing, mutating while in use, much more like folk songs, that don’t have one author, and everyone who uses it has partial ownership, even if she doesn’t change anything, the mere act of spreading it is part of the process.