Ferrari F430 on 18th street

The old joke is “You know you’ve lived in San Francisco too long when… the sight of a legal parking space can bring you to tears”.

There’s two noteworthy things in these photos:
1) These photos were taken on 18th street, San Francisco, which is always packed because that one block has Dolores Park, Tartine, BiRite market, BiRite icecream and two Delfina restaurants. Walking or driving down this street is super-busy. Parking is… Well, to give you an idea of how hard it is to park here, I’ve lived in the area for years now, and can count on one hand the number of times I parked legally on this street.
2) Oh, and yes, the car is a Ferrari F430 – a rare sight. (2006 year I’d guess, from matching the photos). From the new-dealer-tags, I think someone just bought themselves a very nice pressie.

4 thoughts on “Ferrari F430 on 18th street

    • hi Jet;

      Yep, parked in a yellow zone. But legally. Yellow zones are “yellow/commercial loading/unloading” only during posted times. Outside those times, yellow zones are just like “normal” parking spots. In this specific case, the driver had parked in yellow zone, ~5mins after the yellow zone expired, and the space had reverted to “normal” parking space.

      Glad you noticed – that was part of the greatness of that space.


  1. Three 3264×2448 monster images shown at 8% of their actual size, 6.5 MB of unneeded data slowing to a snail’s pace and taking 40 seconds before I can even scroll past them (SeaMonkey 2.20b2).

    (sets snark on stun) I thought Mozilla had a WebMaker project to help people create good things on the web instead of screwing it up by naively dumping full-size Nexus 4 images into web pages. Maybe by 2015 there will be an easy image resizer web app that does the right thing.

    Nice car, but it’s hard to tell apart from its predecessor F360, which itself was no F355.