“Journey to the Heart of Aikido” by Linda Holiday Sensei and Motomichi Anno Sensei


(This post is unusual, in that I am “reviewing” a book before reading the final print yet. Maybe “previewing” is more accurate?)

I’ve had the great fortune of repeatedly training on the mat with many world-class Aikido practitioners. Two of these, Linda Holiday Sensei (6th dan, runs Aikido of Santa Cruz dojo) and Motomichi Anno Sensei (8th dan, direct student of OSensei the founder of Aikido, recipient of Japan’s Distinguished Service Award, and ran the Kumano Juku Dojo in Shingu, Japan for ~40 years.) have just published a book they have been working on for literally *years*.

This is exciting.

Training with both of these authors has been pivotal for me, on and off the mat. Over the years, I’ve heard readings of various passages, and even been present for some interviews gathering source material. All random snippets, in various drafts, and out of sequence, which makes it hard to predict how the final form will pull together. What I’ve heard so far have been very meaningful to me, so I’m eager to get my hands on a signed 1st edition of this book on Saturday.

More info in the San Francisco Chronicle’s recent interview with Linda Holiday or the book’s official website. If you are interested, there’s a (free!) open-to-the-public book reading by Linda Holiday with live Aikido demonstrations in San Francisco this Saturday.

Oni gashi mas!

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  1. glandium
    08 Oct 2013 @ 21:45:34

    > Oni gashi mas!

    I guess you meant “o negai shimasu” (with the last u more or less silent)


  2. @BlueSnakeBooks
    14 Oct 2013 @ 15:10:32

    “Training with both of these authors has been pivotal for me, on and off the mat.”
    -Excerpt from John O’Duinn’s Blog http://t.co/YK9hob270G


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