Better display for “compute hours per checkin”

After my last post about our compute-load-per-checkin, I received a email that made me sit up and smile. Andershol had “a quick script” that quickly and easily displayed the same information in a gridformat. Not just a suggestion – the actual code that ran, with real output. I found this format super helpful. We’ve refined this a few times now, and I think others would also find this useful, hence this post.

  • Each vertical column is the operating system used.
  • Each horizontal row is the job type (which build-type, which test-suite,…).
  • Each white cell is the elapsed time taken by that specific job on that specific operating system, so for example running “mochitest browser chrome” on linux 32bit opt build took 1h:53m:13s.

It is now easy to quickly see the total time spent on a given OS, by looking at the total in the gray column header (for example, Firefox desktop linux 32bit builds and tests took 21h:44m).

Similarly, its easy to see the total time spent on a given job (build/test), across all OS, by looking at the total in the gray row header. (for example, running “mochitest browser chrome” took 4h:54m on opt, 13h:13m on debug, for a total of 18h:07m).

The three major products (Firefox-for-desktop, Firefox-for-Android, FirefoxOS) are each shown in their own grid, but its worth noting that the jobs in *each* of the *three* grids are being processed per checkin. The combined total of all three grids is the overall compute load that RelEng is running per checkin.

This display format was super helpful to me, so big thanks to Andershol for making this a reality!

Also, its great to see no-longer-needed builds and testsuites being turned off… reducing load from 254 to 207 hours per checkin. Biggest highlights were turning off “talos dirtypaint” and “talos rafx” across all desktop OS, turning off all Android no-ionmonkey builds and tests, and turning off a range of Android armv6, armv7 builds and tests. At Mozilla’s volume-of-checkins, those savings quickly add up.

Of course, if you notice anything else being run which you think is no longer needed, please file a bug and we’ll take care of it.


ps: Andershol has posted the code to; if you have ideas, or would like to suggest enhancements, he’s happily accepting patches!

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