RelEng group gathering in Boston

Last week, 18-22 November, RelEng gathered in Boston. As usual for these work weeks, it was jam-packed; there was group planning, and lots of group sprints – coop took on the task of blogging with details for each specific day (Mon and Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri). The meetings with Bocoup were a happy, unplanned, surprise.

Given the very distributed nature of the group, and the high-stress nature of the job, a big part of the week is making sure we maintain our group cohesion so we can work well together under pressure after we return to our respective homes. When all together in person, the trust, respect, love for each other is self-evident and something I’m truly in awe of. I dont know how else to describe this except “magic” – this is super important to me, and something I’m honored to be a part of.

Every gathering needs a group photo, and these are never first-shot-good-enough-ship-it, so while aki was taking a group photo, Massimo quietly setup his gopro to timelapse the fun.

This is Mozilla’s Release Engineering group – aki, armenzg, bhearsum, callek, catlee, coop, hwine, joey, jhopkins, jlund, joduinn, kmoir, mgerva, mshal, nthomas, pmoore, simone, rail. All proudly wearing our “Ship it” shirts.

Every RelEng work week is always an exhausting hectic week, and yet, at the end of each week, as we are saying our goodbyes and heading for various planes/cars/homes, I find myself missing everyone deeply and feeling so so so proud of them all.