AOSA(vol2) and Mozilla’s Release Engineering: now in Russian!

Mozilla’s Release Engineering was part of “The Architecture of Open Source Applications (vol2)” published in paperback in May2012 and then as electronic downloads from Amazon and Barnes&Noble in Sept2012. Earlier this week, Rail was delighted to discover that the book has now been translated into Russian. It is very cool to see this.

As best as I can tell, this translation work was led by А. Панин (A. Panin), and they did a great job. Even taking the time to recreate the images with embedded translated text. Tricky hard work, and very very great to see. Thanks to Mr Panin for making this happen.

You can download the entire book, or just the Mozilla RelEng portion. (As always, proceeds from book sales go to Amnesty International.)

This makes me wonder – are there any other translations, or translations-in-progress, out there?

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