RelEngCon 2014 registration is now open!

In case you missed the announcements, RelEngConf 2014 is officially now open for registrations. This follows the inaugural and wildly successful Release Engineering conference , held in San Francisco on 20may2013, as part of ICSE 2013. More background here.

Last year’s event was great. The mixture of attendees and speakers, from academia and battle-hardened industry, made for some riveting topics. So I already had high expectations for this year… no pressure on the organizers! Then I heard this years will be held in Google HQ MountainView, and feature opening keynotes from Chuck Rossi (RelEng, Facebook, click for linkedin profile), and Dinah McNutt (RelEng, Google, click for linkedin profile). Looks like RelEngConf 2014 is already lining up to be special also.

If you build software delivery pipelines for your company, or if you work in a software company that has software delivery needs, I recommend you follow @relengcon, block off April 11th, 2014 on your calendar and book now. It will be well worth your time.

See you there!