Looking for a job in a “remote friendly” company?


Last week, I was looped into a few different discussions around “what companies are remote-friendly”, “how to find a job when you are a remotie” and “what companies have a good remote culture?”. These questions are trickier than one might expect – after all, everyone will have their own definition of “good”.

My metric for deciding if a company has a good remote culture is a variation of the Net Promoter Score:

“if you work remotely for a company, would you recommend the company to a friend?”

If you don’t find a remote job by word-of-mouth referral from a friend, how can you find a job in a remote friendly company? I have been accumulating a few useful sites for remote job seekers, avoiding all the “make $$$ working from home” spam out there. After last week’s discussion, I realized I haven’t seen this list posted in any one place, so thought it worthwhile to post here. Without further ado, in no particular order, here goes:

Some sites seemed more focused on freelancer / short term positions, which were less of interest to me at this time, so I’ve skipped most of those, and only listed a couple here for completeness:

Some of these sites are better then others in terms of how you search for “remote” jobs – for example, I think this needs a little UX love. But something is better then nothing. As I said in my presentation at Cultivate NYC, for job-listings posted on your own company website, simply having “remote welcome” in the job description is a great quick-and-easy start.

Hopefully, people find this list useful. Of course, if there’s any forums / job boards listing remote jobs that you see missing from here, please let me know.

(Thanks to @laurelatoreilly, @jessicard, @qethanm and @hwine for last week’s discussion.)

(Updated to add powertofly.com joduinn 05jan2016)
(Updated to add teleworksusa.com joduinn 05jan2016)
(Updated to add talent.hubstaff.com and fix some typos/grammar joduinn 11jun2017)
(Updated to add remotey.com joduinn 27sep2017)

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  1. Afshar Mohebbi
    01 Nov 2015 @ 11:58:40

    Very helpful list. I was looking for such a list for a while. Many thanks.


  2. Geoff
    14 Mar 2016 @ 10:01:19

    For developer, designer, DevOps & Sysadmin remote jobs.



  3. @Hubstaff
    14 Jun 2017 @ 10:15:06

    Looking for a job in a “remote friendly” company? https://t.co/bot01m76QW


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