“Distributed” ER#6 now available!

“Distributed” Early Release #6 is now publicly available, just Book Cover for Distributed25 days after ER#5 came out.

Early Release #6 (ER#6) contains everything in ER#5 plus:
* Chapter15 was renamed from “Joining and Leaving” to “Hiring, Firing, Reorgs and Layoffs”. As you might guess, this chapter covers the various mechanics around joining and leaving a group or organization. Hopefully, this new title makes the intent of the chapter more clear!
* There are three new appendices – one on decision making with partial data, one on how not to behave in the office and one on further reading.
* The preface is finally coming together – I found this much trickier to write than I expected.
* Chapter1 got a significant restructure and trimming thanks to some great suggestions. And of course, there are plenty of across-the-board minor fixes and tweaks based on feedback and reviews.

At this time, 16 of 19 chapters are available – specifically, Chapters 1-9,11,12,14-18. I hope you enjoy them!

You can buy ER#6 by clicking here, or clicking on the thumbnail of the book cover. Anyone who already bought any of the previous ERs should get prompted with a free update to ER#6 – if you don’t please let me know! And yes, you’ll get updated when ER#7 comes out next month.

Thanks again to everyone for their ongoing encouragement, proof-reading help and feedback so far. I track all of them and review/edit/merge as fast as I can. To make sure that any feedback doesn’t get lost or caught in spam filters, please email comments to feedback at oduinn dot com.

ps: For the curious, here is the current list of chapters and their status:

Chapter 1: Distributed Teams Are Not New – AVAILABLE
Chapter 2: The Real Cost of an Office – AVAILABLE
Chapter 3: Disaster Planning – AVAILABLE
Chapter 4: Mindset – AVAILABLE
Chapter 5: Physical Setup – AVAILABLE
Chapter 6: Video Etiquette – AVAILABLE
Chapter 7: Own your calendar – AVAILABLE
Chapter 8: Meetings – AVAILABLE
Chapter 9: Meeting Moderator – AVAILABLE
Chapter 10: Single Source of Truth
Chapter 11: Email Etiquette – AVAILABLE
Chapter 12: Group Chat Etiquette – AVAILABLE
Chapter 13: Culture, Trust and Conflict
Chapter 14: One-on-Ones and Reviews – AVAILABLE
Chapter 15: Hiring, Firing, Reorgs and Layoffs – AVAILABLE
Chapter 16: Bring Humans Together – AVAILABLE
Chapter 17: Career path – AVAILABLE
Chapter 18: Feed your soul – AVAILABLE
Chapter 19: Final Chapter
Appendix A: The Bathroom Mirror Test – AVAILABLE
Appendix B: How NOT to Work – AVAILABLE
Appendix C: Further Reading – AVAILABLE