“Distributed” ER#7 now available!

“Distributed” Early Release #7 is now publicly available, a Book Cover for Distributedmonth after ER#6 came out.

This ER#7 includes a significant reworking of the first section of this book. Some chapters were resequenced. Some were significantly trimmed – by over half! Some were split up, creating new chapters or merged with existing sections of other chapters later in the book. All slow, detailed work that I hope makes the book feel more focused. The format of all chapters throughout were slightly tweaked, and there are also plenty of across-the-board minor fixes.

You can buy ER#7 by clicking here, or clicking on the thumbnail of the book cover. Anyone who already bought any of the previous ERs should get prompted with a free update to ER#7 – if you don’t please let me know! And yes, you’ll get updated when ER#8 comes out.

Thanks again to everyone for their ongoing encouragement, proof-reading help and feedback so far – keep letting me know what you think. Each piece of great feedback makes me wonder how I missed such obvious errors before. And makes me happy, as each fix helps make this book better. It’s important this book be interesting, readable and practical – so if you have any comments, concerns, etc., please email me. Yes, I will read and reply to each email personally! To make sure that any feedback doesn’t get lost or caught in spam filters, please email comments to feedback at oduinn dot com. I track all feedback and review/edit/merge as fast as I can. And thank you to everyone who has already sent me feedback/opinions/corrections – all really helpful.

ps: For the curious, here is the current list of chapters and their status:

Chapter 1 The Real Cost of an Office – AVAILABLE
Chapter 2 Distributed Teams Are Not New – AVAILABLE
Chapter 3 Disaster Planning – AVAILABLE
Chapter 4 Diversity
Chapter 5 Organizational Pitfalls to Avoid – AVAILABLE
Chapter 6 Physical Setup – AVAILABLE
Chapter 7 Video Etiquette – AVAILABLE
Chapter 8 Own Your Calendar – AVAILABLE
Chapter 9 Meetings – AVAILABLE
Chapter 10 Meeting Moderator – AVAILABLE
Chapter 11 Single Source of Truth
Chapter 12 Email Etiquette – AVAILABLE
Chapter 13 Group Chat Etiquette – AVAILABLE
Chapter 14 Culture, Conflict and Trust
Chapter 15 One-on-Ones and Reviews – AVAILABLE
Chapter 16 Hiring, Onboarding, Firing, Reorgs,
Layoffs and other Departures – AVAILABLE
Chapter 17 Bring Humans Together – AVAILABLE
Chapter 18 Career Path – AVAILABLE
Chapter 19 Feed Your Soul – AVAILABLE
Chapter 20 Final Chapter
Appendix A The Bathroom Mirror Test – AVAILABLE
Appendix B How NOT to Work – AVAILABLE
Appendix C Further Reading – AVAILABLE

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