Helping Government Move From Offices to Distributed Teams

Its clear that that COVID-19 has been causing widespread disruptions to humans across society – in multiple countries – as well as to the government employees providing essential services to those who rely on those services. For many government employees, the hard reality of sudden shifting from working in an office to working as distributed / remote / “work from home” / “telework” is disruptive to ongoing day-to-day operations.

For the last week-and-half, I’ve been running daily webinars for government employees working their hardest to keep the wheels of government turning, even while facing these hard realities and changing health risk alerts. Demand has been so high that I’m going to continue running them and have now added more free webinars for every day this coming week (23-27mar). Again, these are all FREE.

Each webinar is based on lessons I’ve learned over my years of running distributed teams, as well as my experiences working in private industry, US Federal and State government, as well as coaching company leaders transitioning from an all-in-office to distributed-team. Intentionally, each session has lots of Q+A to make sure it is as helpful as possible for those who prioritize the time to attend. I carefully adjust each session based on initial registration questions from attendees as well as feedback from previous sessions. Depending on demand, we may again be doing multiple per day, like last week.

If you are a government employee, dealing with the sudden transition from working in an office because of covid-19, please do attend – these free webinars are just for you. My hope is that these webinars help you keep the wheels of government turning for those who rely on your services – especially in these tricky times and especially while you are struggling with the practical realities of workplace disruptions caused by rapidly move out of the traditional government office.

To find out more info and register, see here:

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