41 million Firefox MajorUpdates in 7 days?!?

Just back from vacation (more on that later), and just noticed it was exactly 7 days (to the minute) since we made FF2.0.0.16 -> FF3.0.1 Major Update live, so I had to go look. In those 7 days, we’ve now served major updates to 41,300,460 users.

That’s an average of 4097 major updates *per minute*, or 68 major updates *per second*, over the entire week. And still going…

No matter how you think of it, that is a lot of people. For comparison, the nearest I could find was the entire population of Argentina (40,677,348). Or 10 times (!) the population of Ireland (4,156,119)… although hard to imagine this planet being big enough for 10 Irelands 🙂

So far, this Major Update release still feels like it went really smoothly. I haven’t heard of any problems yet, but if you’ve heard of anyone hitting any problems (or you’ve hit problems yourself), please do file a bug.

Meanwhile, back to unpacking, and trying to catch up on the last week of planet.mozilla.org…

2 thoughts on “41 million Firefox MajorUpdates in 7 days?!?

  1. This is a great testament to the developer-friendliness of Firefox. Instead of waiting for 3/6/12/18 months to roll out a browser, like Microsloth, Mozilla get’s it out there quick smart so that developers can write code for the new version. In the case of Fx2 -> 3 this is critical because Fx2 was a performance bottleneck compared to the improved (but still a long way to go judging by Chrome) Fx3.

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