Electionmania and Joe Six Pack!?

I’m delighted that voting today was really really busy.

I live a short walk from my polling station, so walked over before breakfast, hoping to beat the rush. No luck, it was mobbed. By 8.30, lines were shorter, but still… At this point, I just patiently waited in the line, and ended up way late for work. But very very proud to have voted and proud of how good humored everyone else in line was.

While buying supplies for the election coverage tonight at the office, I found Joe Six Pack:

Its real beer, from a local microbrewery. I just love that someone thought of doing this… and also that they used their “Mavericks” beers for this. Lets see which one people prefer!


ps: Continuing in the election theme – here’s a local prankster who tried to do some street renaming:

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