Sorting letters at the Royal Mail

Found this article and had to share. It struck me as a great experiment, yet somehow I had never even considered this idea before.

An artist wanted to see just how dedicated the letter sorting people were in the Royal Mail in England the UK. So, she mailed letters addressed using puzzles instead of the usual name-and-address format. Of the 130 letters she mailed, only 10 never arrived. Really good delivery rate, imho, especially considering at least one of them required the postal workers to complete the crossword!!

For the full story, and other examples, click here.

2 thoughts on “Sorting letters at the Royal Mail

  1. Now if they could only get that same success rate with our correctly addressed mail… 😉

    On a serious note, there have been other news items in the past of envelopes being addressed to people who frequent a certain pub which have been diligently delivered by the Royal Mail’s postmen.