…and added more build/unittest slaves to TryServer

The main production pool-of-slaves for build/unittest is holding up today (just about). However, we’re still catching up on TryServer. To help, we added the following slaves to TryServer today:

  • 4 new linux slaves
  • 4 new mac slaves
  • 5 loaner mac slaves from production pool-of-slaves.

At this time, the TryServer build/unittest slaves are all caught up for win32, linux, but we’ve still got pending mac jobs still (14 builds, another 14 builds+unittests). Try Talos is still swamped, and will be for a while; its much harder to add additional Talos slaves there, and there’s a big backlog of pending jobs still (32 windows, 28 linux, 8 mac).
To add to the fun, we hit a new problem with the EqualLogic disk arrays throwing errors under load last night. Until we get this sorted out, we dont have disk space to create additional slaves. The curious can follow along in this bug.

One thought on “…and added more build/unittest slaves to TryServer

  1. John, I don’t know that anyone’s told you this recently, but all the work you guys do on this is very very much appreciated! Having tryserver available as a resource is amazing, and I’m glad you made it happen.

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