Infrastructure load for Mar 2009


  • We pushed 1,016 code changes into the mercurial-based repos here in March. This translates into 10,196 build/unittest jobs, or 14.5 jobs per hour.
  • WinCE builds are being triggered for every push to mozilla-central, starting late Feb.
  • We’re not measuring load on TryServer or Talos yet. I’m looking into that, and will post more later.


As each of these pushes triggers multiple different types of builds/unittest jobs, the *theoretical* total amount of work done by the pool-of-slaves in February was 10,781 jobs. For each push, we do:

  • mozilla-central: 12 jobs per push (L/M/W opt, L/M/W leaktest, L/M/W unittest, linux64 opt, linux-arm, WinCE)
  • mozilla-1.9.1: 10 jobs per push (L/M/W opt, L/M/W leaktest, L/M/W unittest, linux64 opt)
  • tracemonkey: 7 jobs per push (L/M/W opt, L/M/W unittest, linux64 opt)
  • theoretical total: (585 x 12) + (248 x 10) + (183 x 7) = 10,781 jobs per month = 14.5 jobs per hour.

2 thoughts on “Infrastructure load for Mar 2009

  1. Is there any way that you could provide a statistic about the outcome of those jobs?
    – How many of them finished succesfully?
    – How many got orange.
    – To what degree the tree has been orange (number of parallel oranges)