Burning Man Emergency Services by the numbers

Every year at Burning Man, Emergency Services handles a range of incidents. Here’s an infograph showing incident data for the last 3 years, broken down by incident type.

The source data is freely published on afterburn.burningman.com, but I really like how they visualize the data. This layout is immediately familiar to burners and is visually intuitive – more incidents of a specific type == larger area for that type. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version, and spend a few minutes skimming details; it was interesting reading!

The authors (GOOD and Hyperakt) end with “Try not to get flown out by helicopter”!

Excellent advice! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Burning Man Emergency Services by the numbers

  1. Wow, a 10% intervention rate seems incredibly high. That’s a lot more dangerous that a lot of “dangerous” activities!

    The overall graphic is pretty, but it’s pretty crappy from an information display POV. The focus on quartiles as the overall graphic element means that you can’t make year-over-year comparisons graphically, or even ring-over-ring comparisons.

  2. this is really interesting, john. i’ve heard you talk about the EMS work at burning man many times, but to see it in an infographic, really gives one an idea of the types of things you guys deal with out there in the desert. happy burning – see you when you get back!

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