Trying an experiment this year instead of the usual tent.

Some friends of mine had these last year, and they were great. Obviously, well insulated means warm at night, and cool in the day – all wonderful things at BurningMan. However, they also kept the dust down, and kept the light out, so you could actually get some sleep after the beginning of sunrise.

Lets see how this experiment goes. So far, we’ve got all the parts cut, and taped. We’ve even tried some initial test placements, but never yet actually put it all together yet. Just in case, we’re still bringing tents from last year – after all, “what could possibly go wrong”!?!


Stay tuned – I’ll let you know how it went.

2 thoughts on “Hexayurt

  1. Has anybody tried making an A-Frame out of four pieces of Tuff-R taped together along the lengths and top. The front and back would then be filled in with Tuff-R cut to size. Each wall/roof would then be 8×8. You could use blocks along the sides to hold it in place.