Minefield nightly builds on Fedora14

In case you missed it, Armen recently blogged some exciting news about the work he’s been doing with Tarin, Brett van Gennip and Vitaly at Seneca as well as Chris Tyler of Seneca and Fedora fame!

Fedora14 users are now able to use yum to get nightly builds of Firefox. And then every day, those Fedora14 users will get updated to the newest nightly build!! If you are on Fedora and want to use the latest and greatest Firefox in the approach to Firefox4.0, this is for you.

Armen’s post has all the details of how to configure your Fedora install for these nightly “Minefield” builds here.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s still lots of loose ends to tidy up. Moving the yum repo to a more scalable location… Figuring how to handle beta and release builds… Figuring what to do with other versions of Fedora… etc, etc… If you find any problems, please file bugs in mozilla.org/Release Engineering.

Stay tuned for more progress reports on this project. However, in the meanwhile, this first visible milestone is a really cool breakthrough for Fedora14 users. Very very nice.

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