Infrastructure load for October 2010


There were 2,360 pushes in October 2010. This is a slight drop below September’s 2,436 pushes. Considering the lockdown for FF4.0b7, I’d expected the number of checkins this month to be lower.

The numbers for this month are:

  • 2,360 code changes to our mercurial-based repos, which triggered 229,632 jobs:
  • 44,884 build jobs, or ~60 jobs per hour.
  • 140,970 unittest jobs, or ~189 jobs per hour.
  • 113,778 talos jobs, or ~153 talos jobs per hour.

Yet again, TryServer continues to be almost half the load of all branches combined on the entire infrastructure.


  • The long-running lockdown for FF4.0beta7 definitely took it’s hit on who was able to checkin, and where/when.
  • We are still double-running unittests for some OS; running unittest-on-builder and also unittest-on-tester. This continues while developers and QA work through the issues. Whenever unittest-on-test-machine is live and green, we disable unittest-on-builders to reduce wait times for builds. Any help with these tests would be great!
  • The entire series of these infrastructure load blogposts can be found here.
  • We are still not tracking down any l10n repacks, nightly builds, release builds or any “idle-timer” builds.

Detailed breakdown is :

Here’s how the math works out (Descriptions of build, unittest and performance jobs triggered by each individual push are here:

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