The end of 2010: naughty and nice

Did I ever say how much I love

Hope everyone had a great time off.

It’s easy to get swept along with the commercialism and hype of the season. To me, events like Christmas and New Years are not just about gifts-under-the-tree and countdown-to-champagne-at-midnight; they are an important chance to pause and reflect back on the milestones throughout the year. Good and bad. Funny and sad. In work and in personal life.

I can dream, hope, about what the coming year will bring. I hope some things will go better then planned. No doubt some things will not. And some other things will probably completely surprise us. How we handle all these will help us grow as people, and as a community, throughout the year. To everyone who helped me along the way in 2010, I thank you, and here’s to doing our utmost to help make a great 2011 together!

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