Shipped Firefox 5.0b2, Fennec 5.0b2 at same time and with the same changeset

On Friday, we shipped Firefox 5.0beta2 and Fennec 5.0beta2. The cool new features have already been covered elsewhere, but there were two details that I thought were important:

  1. Firefox and Fennec both used the same changeset
  2. Firefox and Fennec shipped at the same time. Its true we’ve sim-shipped these products before, but this was the first time planned as part of the new rapid release cadence.

This is an important milestone for us, as we bring Fennec up to parity with Firefox.

Aki led some great behind-the-scenes cleanup work to make this happen. And even with that work in place, we still needed some careful workarounds in place for last week’s builds (details in

We’ll continue to consolidate the product code bases, and consolidate the release automation behind these two products, so we can do this again more easily next time. Meanwhile, it was really great to see both these releases ship, from the same changeset, on Friday morning.

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