New builds in production: Fennec-Armv6, B2G-Armv7 and B2G-desktop

In the last two weeks, the following new build types were enabled on our production infrastructure:

  • arm v6: These Fennec builds run on Arm v6 chips. Mobile developers asked for these builds because so many people still use Arm v6 phones. We generate these builds as well as continue to generate the existing NativeFennec Arm v7 builds and XULFennec builds. You can find these on as “Android Armv6 opt”. More details in bug#723946.
  • B2G Arm v7: These boot2gecko builds run on Arm v7 chips. We generate both Opt and Debug builds. You can find these on as “Armv7a GB opt” and “Armv7a GB debug”. More details in bug#758425.
  • B2G desktop. These boot2gecko builds are compiled specifically to run on *desktop* machines, not on boot2gecko devices. The intended users for these builds are developers / QA / localizers and community people who are helping work on B2G and can do a large portion of their work without access to physical devices. You can find these on as “Ng” for each of win/mac/linux desktop platforms. More details in bug#744008.

Next time you see them, give thanks to armenzg and bhearsum for their speedy behind-the-scenes work to make all this happen.


3 thoughts on “New builds in production: Fennec-Armv6, B2G-Armv7 and B2G-desktop”

  1. Hi John, I cannot find any “Ng” builds on I’d love to try them in my Windows 7 machine though! Could you help me please? Are they safe enough to install? Won’t they make trouble in Windows? Many thanks!

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