“Release Engineering as a Force Multiplier” at Google TechTalks

I was super honored to present as part of the Google TechTalks series. Specifically, Boris Debic at Google asked me to talk about the improvements we’ve made to Mozilla’s software delivery pipeline, and they recorded the entire thing – you can watch the video here:

This was the same keynote I gave at the Release Engineering conference in last month’s ICSE 2013, so if you missed it, click here for more context about the RelEng conference, and see the slides used.

Given the super-big scale of Google’s RelEng infrastructure, presenting to the very technical audience at Google was exciting. It was testimony to the work done by Mozilla’s RelEng that this was worthy of including in the Google Tech Talks series, the audience loved it, and the questions before/after were great.

Thanks to Boris for making this happen, and also for the great chats about Release Engineering at scale. It’s great to meet other people who are working passionately to solve software delivery pipeline problems at scale; it’s even greater when you find that you “click” and find you like each other as humans too. All very cool – thanks again, Boris.

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