“Distributed” at trad.works

A couple of weeks ago, I had the great pleasure to speak at the TRaD.works conference, here in Washington, DC. This featured a great mix of industry leaders and change agents from startups to multinationals to government agencies to non-profits… across all sorts of industries. All swapping tips-and-tricks on what did/didnt work for their organizations as they transitioned into more distributed organizations… warts-and-all… and doing this in very down-to-earth, approachable way. The trust, respect and tone between everyone here was great, and helped make the entire conference special. It was exciting to see the enthusiasm for all things Telework-Remote-And-Distributed across this wide range of organizations and industries.

I was on a panel discussion about supporting managers of distributed teams – a topic that is obviously near and dear to my heart! I enjoyed the lively interactions between Amy Freshman (ADP), Jeanne Meister (Forbes and FutureWorkPlace), Nicole McCabe (SAP), myself and the entire audience. The lively discussions continued long afterwards, first in corridors and coffee breaks then after in emails and video calls. Excellent, excellent stuff.

Big thanks to Sara Sutton Fell at FlexJobs for making this happen, and to Mike Gutman for handling a million-and-one details with calm grace and humor. Well done. Very well done.

Highlights of some press coverage so far:


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