Now Home

It’s been almost a year since I last had time to blog here.

The work I did at U.S. Digital Service was intense, high stress, all-consuming, incredibly meaningful work – and worth every minute of the bizarre bi-coastal commuter-life I lived. It also meant my ability to blog here was practically zero. More on all of this in upcoming posts.

I returned to SanFrancisco late night on 18jan2017 but it took a few days before I realized I could actually put away my well-worn carry-on bag. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time recharging (some say hibernating?!), decompressing, reconnecting with friends as well as generally figuring out next steps in work and in life. For now, I’ll just say – it is both surreal and great to be back home, with no immediate plans to get on another plane anytime soon. This long weekend included a hill walk in the fresh air, catching up with some friends and watching Karl-the-Fog.

How great is that?


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